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How we started


"Custom Dessert Baker",  were never words that I fathomed to be something that represented me.......but you know what they say about our plans versus God's plan! 


In 2011 my life took a fun turn and I've been going full throttle enjoying making Custom Desserts ever since! I was watching one of my favorite shows Cake Boss on TLC, and I was thinking "I can make a cake like that". So I went to my local cake supply store and purchased all the ingredients and supplies to make a fondant cake! After I finished I was so proud of myself, I took my little Pink and Green cake to work to share with my colleagues and received very good feedback. That channeled my inner baker and creativity so my next plight was to make the new crave "Cake Pops" I again went back to the cake supply store and purchased all the supplies to make Halloween themed Cake Pops and again I took my creations to work and was surprised at all the rave reviews. I ended up receiving 5 orders for Halloween Cake Pops, the next month I had a contract with Groupon for Cake Pop classes and Viola...The Birth of Tastee Tee's!


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